Life On and Off an Acreage

In-sights into moving from an Acreage back to Town, plus a few things I find of interest.

Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

May 31, 2014

New Neighbours!

When I built the fence just before my operation, I left 4 posts long and stuck bird houses on top of them It appears the bird below (Phoebe?, or wren?) is making a nest in a big hurry. Sorry, it's a House Wren.

 One of the other bird houses have attracted some tree swallows. They too, appear to be staking out turf. I am walking about, but not very far yet, so sitting on the deck chair waiting for action is more up my alley. Tomorrow, after Church, I am going to try a trip around the block. They say walking is good, and so far, no legs going to sleep, no stumbles and very little pain!

 Anyway, a big thank you to those that forwarded good healings and Prayers to me. They all were much appreciated!

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