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January 20, 2014

Mini Holiday!

After the move and required modifications to the "new" residence, Elaine and I took a wee vacation to get away for a few days. Where? Banff, Alberta, of course. Skiing, shopping? No, rather a course put on by SOS Ministries,,  This was an intensive, three day study of the Epistle of Jude which is a whopping three pages in my Bible, including footnotes. Why Jude? The course was to identify false teachings in the Christian Church today.

My youngest son has been to Uganda twice to visit this ministry,the second time with his family, and gave us tickets to this event. It was well worth while and gave me a headache interpreting all that is enclosed in Jude.

The need was explained as seen in Africa by SOS. False teachings are introduced regularly there by some very well known and also by some not so well known personalities. The message from Africa was basically that they see the teachings and correct them, but we in North America just see them and accept them, not even recognizing that the teachings are not from the Word of God, and as a consequence we as a whole, are at severe risk.

If some one had said that a person could spend 3 whole days on 3 pages of Scripture, I would have said " No way, not possible". How wrong I was!

I now have to wrestle with the enlightenment received, and what to do with it. If there is interest expressed, I will try to flesh this out in more detail.

I took my camera to Banff, took no pictures, but had a very rewarding experience, as did Elaine.

Things are now reasonably normal on the ex-Acreage, and I hope to be back blogging on a more regular basis.
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