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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

November 10, 2013

A Speed Bump On the Road of Life!

Due to one of the people in the domino chain of house purchasing, turning up late with a mortgage rate on our house, the whole chain of house moves ground to a halt for a while. Briefly, it looked like our house acquisition and sale would not happen. However, it turns out the issue was resolved, but with a delay of our purchase from November 16 to December 6. It appears that things will go ahead but not as originally scheduled. (sigh!)

In the meantime, Boots is starting to show his age. He is turning into an inside dog that enjoys the lazier things in life. The outside dog house seems to be more and more abandoned as the temperature drops.
Our oldest son showed up all the way from Houston Texas to help out with the packing and such. We managed to disassemble the wheelchair ramp and stack the lumber ready for the move. Elaine is still improving daily and managed to walk from the house to the car and down 10 steps for the first time today! Our youngest son also was involved. the help and visits by both sons was much appreciated by Elaine and myself. Alas, Andrew headed back to Texas today. I did capture a photo or two of him playing in the snow.
 Note the smile!

Hope you all, (all y'all for my American friends) enjoy a great Remembrance Day on Monday!
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