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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

October 5, 2013

A Further Update on The Acreage

Today after 5 weeks and one day, I was able to bring Elaine home. She is very week, but in good spirits. The prognosis is it will be a long slow recovery, but she is back home and likely will do better here.

We have had a few viewings on the property, plus one low ball bidder who was politely told "Not on your Life".

Today, as I said, Elaine came home and our two horses, Biz and Alpine, were sold to an ideal family. Mom has ridden forever and 13 year old daughter was looking for a replacement horse due to her old Appy being of an ancient nature. The family also rides chuck wagons which means the other horses are a little hot for   riding. Mom and daughter are going to have fun sorting out who gets which horse. They also do not sell to market, and that is a promise i got from them.

On top of these two pluses, my son found a buyer for the hay that we just purchased, so we aren't out that money. Letting the horses and hay go to the future buyer of the property, would have meant that we would have no control over the life style situation of the horses.

The last item, which may not be a plus, is that Boots is officially retired. When the trailer was loaded with the horses and closed up, he had to go all around sniffing to see if he could get to them. Both horses walked right into the trailer as if they did it every day! When we bought Alpine, she loaded easily. Biz had only been in a trailer once before. talk about good horses!

When the new owner climbed up on Biz, Biz wasn't very happy, so I took a little ride in the corral. Same with Alpine. I just had to get a few minutes in the saddle before they departed.

My back sort of let me know that the rides were probably not a good idea, but what the heck, it was worth it! The back is still bruised  6 weeks after the buck off, but is doing fairly well all things considered. I met a young nurse in the hospital today that sort of looked at me funny. She finally asked if I was the guy that got tossed off a horse. When I said that I was, she said she was the nurse that admitted me. I had to apologize and say that I really don't remember very much of those two days.

Any way, the work load around here just dropped way off. Now Boots and I, and Elaine can sit on the deck drinking tea until the house sells. Ha!

The next step now is to photograph and list a large dog crate, dog cage, and three saddles.
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