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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

August 23, 2013

Finally, Some Horse Time!

The last couple of days are the first time in about a month that I was able to get out and ride. Today was Biz's turn. The monster mulching machine had just done the pipeline right-of-way just down from our place. I took Alpine down the trail two days ago, and she was awesome. There were a few things that she was cautious about, but we worked through those OK.

 The path is very well chewed up dirt and wood chips from the mulcher, and was generally great for footing, although a little slippery in spots.
 Biz had no trouble with this giant, horse-eating sample box. She went right up to it as if she saw these things every day. Alpine had to be talked by it both ways.
 After the ride i hosed down both horses since they were both sweaty, Biz from riding and Alpine from running up and down our fence line. She doesn't like it when I "steal" her herd mate.
The look in the eye says that 1 1/2 hours was enough for an out of shape horse.
  Biz was not co-operating for the photo shoot, so here is one more of Alpine.

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