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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

April 15, 2013

Going Way Back

Our family home going back to the 1900's. It still stands and hasn't changed much.

 One of my first hunting trips with my Dad, about 1957.

A distant relative David Lockhart in the early 1900's

What the Mayor of Kenora (my dad) had to do in 1945 in International Falls, Minnesota when he lost a bet to their mayor. (m.a Hydrants seem to be a magnet for dogs. He was forced ( at gunpoint :-} to clean it!)

The local snow princesses in Kenora, 1946. The blocks of ice were cut from the lake to build castles and ice sculptures on the street corners. Lights were put inside the blocks. What a way to celebrate Winter carnival 

This is a little more recent, 1997 in Thunder Bay Ontario when we received two snow falls of 50 cm each within 3 days! It took a week before we could get out.

"Smile things could get worse! We smiled, and they did!"


TexWisGirl said...

the blocks of ice are impressive! loved the old photos.

Montanagirl said...

Really liked your old photos. It's really nice that you have those "memories" preserved.

Mary Ann said...

Your family home was beautiful!

What was your dad doing at the hydrant?

Ian H said...

Mary Ann Yoder
11:05 AM (15 minutes ago)

to me
YUCK!!!!! I couldn't figure out what he was doing!~ YUCKKKK

We are seeing tons of tiny ducks around here all of the sudden, but the geese seem to be hiding. Little tiny ducks on ponds up and down our road... unfortunately, we don't have one.

You look like you had a wonderful childhood... so did I.

MTWaggin said...

So fun to see those old photos of times past!

peihome said...

How wonderful to have those old photos! Love the one of you and your dad posing by the car.
As for that horrendous snowfall in '97... that one made me shudder!

Willow said...

Wow Ian I love those old black and white photos ...look at you and your dad in 1957 awe

Ron Jay said...

Love the old photos. David Lockhart is one cool looking dude.