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April 10, 2013

An Anniversary

On April 10, 1971 Elaine and I tied the knot in Cardiff Wales, U.K. As a small town Canadian boy, I sat in a room full of people and got about one word in five ( if that). There were folks from Wales, Yorkshire, Lancashire, the Cockney part of London, Germany and who knows where else. They did not speak the English I was brought up with. When Elaine nodded, I did.

I remember sitting in a room full of avid (rabid?) rugby fans. I did not know much about the game, but chose to cheer for England over Wales. It got a bit heated before they realized I was just putting  them on. My sister in law gave me a big wooden Welsh spoon since I was always stirring the pot.

In spite of the language barrier, I got through it. Elaine reverted to her Welsh inflection as soon as she got over there. She had to be in the country 15 days before the wedding. I only had to be there five.

We honeymooned up the west coast of Wales up to Anglesy then across into the midlands and returned to Swansea. It was very pretty and any new structure was  likely 200 to 300 years old.

As we were leaving London, on our way back to Canada, we had some of our gifts including a large slab of wedding cake tied up in a card board box. I was so sure that I was going to have to open it, I had string and tape in my pocket.

When we came up to Departure Customs, the very English inspector asked what I had in it. I replied, what was on the list including the wedding cake. He asked me why wedding cake?

I replied  " I just got married and was returning to Canada."
He asked "Where is your wife?"
I replied, turning around "Right here!"
Elaine had moved over to another line and had gone through.
I guess the look on my face said it all because  he looked at me and said" Cor! Go on through, you've got enough trouble!"

I wish I could duplicate his accent!

This is Llandaff Courts where our wedding reception was.

After 42 years, no regrets and I thank Elaine for putting up with me for that length of time!
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