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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

March 5, 2013

Just When We Were Getting Ahead!

We got another dump of snow! About 20 cm (8 inches) of heavy wet snow!

 It likely will be a while before i get to ride down the trail, or anywhere else for that matter.
 Brooklyn looked as if to ask "So where is a gal supposed to do her business?" I try to encourage her to leave the trails.
 Hopefully we will get a slow and steady thaw....soon! we are up high enough on the mountain that flooding is not an issue.
 Yep, there is a lot of snow. The rose bushes are burried.
 The driveway took a lot of work to get it passable. Eight trips up and down with the snow blower and then scraping with the quad and blade.
 Our training corral is slightly unusable

Come on spring! I am more than ready!


jean said...

It is hard to imagine all that snow living here in the tropics. I got a chill looking at your photos. But, I still think the snow is beautiful. May spring come quickly for you. And Brooklyn, so she can find her business spots again : )

Alica said...

I hear ya! Spring has been knocking on the door here for a few weeks, but now we're supposed to get 4"-8" of heavy snow tomorrow. Booo hisss! Winter's last hurrah, I guess!

Michelle said...

I cannot imagine receiving this amount of snow. We thought we were finished with winter, but possible will receive some of this snowstorm sweeping across the U.S.

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Oh boy, that is a lot of snow. I'm thinking its about time for Spring to arrive...

The Dancing Donkey said...

Yeah, enough already.

peihome said...

hee hee, I know the feeling. Of course, our winters are nowhere near as bad as yours, but those late spring snows always materialize. But the good news is, the snow tends to melt faster and you know it's almost over... for this year!

Willow said...

Well I was wondering what you had been up to Ian, now I feel bad complaining about our weather because you are still engulfed in snow. ! Not doing much training in that corral lately I see lol