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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

March 9, 2013

Family Effort..Cleanup

This was a great day to be outside cleaning up! +7C  (45F) and sunny. I got to supervise due to a wrenched back while trimming Alpine. That's why I have no shovel in my hand. Instead, I took pictures of other folks working. After all, age must have some benefits.

 Myself and son Mike. Mike is the one working. :-}
 Elaine, AJ and Mike. Me, behind camera.
 We had Mad max checking up on things.
 Ah, yes, work! I could watch it all day!
 Noah (5) decided it's more fun to roll down the drifts.
Brooklyn found a sunny spot in the hay loft. " I don't do work!"
Ha, ha, there is lots more where that came from!


TexWisGirl said...

never-ending poop machines. :) i like brooklyn's idea.

Gail said...


The gardens will love that gold in the spring.

peihome said...

T-shirt weather! :)

Karen said...

Ha, I like how you work! :)

Ronnie Jay said...

The cameraman should get a raise in pay!

♥ Helen said...

Looks like a beautiful day to work outside.

luckybunny said...

And the man is in a t-shirt! WOW! :)

Helma said...

Nice to see the cleanup and I read it :-)
Still a lot of snow with you.
Here in the Netherlands still snow but after the weekend place gradually get more heat :-)
Greetings, Helma