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November 19, 2012

Who Needs It?

I would laugh if it wasn't so sad! I continue to monitor the battle of the dollar (Also called GREED) between the NHL and the players Association. How can any billionaire justify locking out the people who make the game possible? And how can the millionaire players sit and grin at the camera as if the world owes them a living? 
I gave up watching hockey many moons ago when fighting became more important than playing the game. It seemed to me that armored kids beating on one another was rather silly. Look at the broken hands and other injuries that have occurred. I still watch Olympic Hockey where if you can't play without fighting, you are tossed from the game. It is some of the best hockey that I've seen.

Not having an NHL season so far has been good! After all, watching  4 back to back to back to back episodes of  "The Big Bang Theory" is far more interesting than the last NHL game I saw ( cheaper too).

It's interesting though, by the end of the 3rd session of BBT, I am about as bored as having seen 2 periods of hockey.

Enjoy the paid vacation, guys. I would hope that all the fans boycott at least the first 2 games when you come back. Maybe then you will appreciate the mom and pop businesses that you are harming. Two games played to an empty arena might be just the humbling experience that you need.

Meanwhile, hooray for Penny and Sheldon and the rest of the cast!
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