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November 2, 2012

I've Been challenged!

Illustration of a man getting ready to throw a snowball. Stock Photo - 5829435
It would appear that aka Dagmar, considers herself to be a world class snowball fighter. I say "Bring it on!"

The rules are as follows:
1. No head shots.
2. No loading the snowballs (or icing them)
3. No crying.

Now to make it more interesting , I would like to invite The Old Geezer, Gregg and Clint plus Texwisgirl to make it a fivesome on my side. Is there anybody besides Dagmar in Europe that can throw a snowball? To give you an advantage, I don't think Tex ever gets snow down there, so she may be out of practice. Hopefully, I can convince the U.N. to referee so that the battle doesn't escalate, or go nuclear.

PS... Dagmar suggested I do a post about a snow ball fight. Who am I to argue with a world champion?


Dar said...

Rule #3 would put me out of the game,....I'd cry if it 'really' hurt.
Sounds fun tho and don't let Tex fool you...she is a WI girl by heart. I'll bet she can pitch a pretty powerful snowball right in the bread basket!
BlessYa and PlayFair

TexWisGirl said...

yeah, i'm a bit out of practice. 29 yrs in texas will do that to you.

although we do get snow from time to time here. :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

oooooohhhhhhooowwwwww yaaaaaaa!!!
Here we go! I'm having a ball already and it's not even snowing in my neck of the woods yet.
BUT really Ian be SO prepaired my friend. Keep looking over you shoulder this winter time. I'm gathering the forces over here buddy. And do not, I'll say it again DO NOT underestimate my pitch arm! Really back in the days I was a top pitcher in the highschool team and that is WITH THE GUYS. They didn't want me on the girl team cause I threw way to hard and they couldn't take it. HA.

So you clame your grounds and get everybody ready on your side....who needs help anyway....only chickens do I believe! If there wouldn't be a soul out there wanting to back me up I'll face you and your troops alone.....
AND CRYING....what is that word?
And yea no Icing (crossing my fingers when I say I won't).
So let met sit on this for a while and find the right photo's to go with my next post put you can bet your Canadian Dollers over it: my next post will be about a SNOWFIGHT.
I'm loving it. Wished I could be there with you and enjoy it allready.

Wonderful hugs and thanks for fighting with me.

Joyce S said...

Being Dagmar's cousin, but on your side of the world, not sure who's team I'm on....but, definitely a snowball expert. Saw, in the Regal catalouge, a plastic snowball maker so that you don't need to bend down, similar to those plastic ball picker upper for dogs....sounds kinda wimpy to me!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey you Joyce....I'm coming over to kick your butt. YOU are definitively on MY side of course.
Gosh. what a chick.
Well Ian, this is gonna be fun.
Hugs Dagmar