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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

October 30, 2012

Winter thoughts

Old Man Winter has arrived! It is very unlikely, but still possible, that this snowfall will melt. We are a little far north to catch the odd Chinook, but then again, anything is possible.

 The horses are still trying to find something edible under the snow. I caught Biz this morning happily munching away on burdock, something that all three horses avoided all summer. They are now on warm winter rations of a bale a day split three ways and two feedings. Quite a change when they are used to eating steadily.
 Brooklyn kind of likes the snow. she can see things better and nothing will sneak up on her.
 The gals are getting a very thick coat! Is it only thick coated caterpillars that foretell a cold winter?
The time changes on November 4th which says that the days will be getting longer. That is really good news!I am starting to get used to the cold again. It was -12 C this morning ( +10 F for all you southerners). Two days from now, this area opens up for big game hunting and tomorrow, the horses get locked out of the lower field ( away from the road). There are still a few folks out there that like to drive highways in search of deer and moose. This is not my idea of fair chase. Such folks also tend to ignore fences indicating private property . It's better to move the horses and err on the side of caution.
Think warm!
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