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October 20, 2012

A Short Story

About four years ago, my family Doctor recommended that horrible of horribles, a colonoscopy. That was not very high on my list of what I considered fun things to do, but reluctantly, I agreed. he said someone would call to make the arrangements.

Well, a month went by, then two and nobody called. "Great,"' I thought. Elaine was after me but to no avail. Someone once said that I was slightly stubborn, but who am I to argue.

Well, a year went by then two, and finally four. I was in to see the Doc and he asked if I had ever had one. When he heard that I hadn't he decided that due to my age, that should be rectified (no pun intended). Not wanting to make him feel bad, I did not mention that he'd run this by me before, four years ago. By mentioning my age isn't that a form of discrimination against me?

Anyway, this time someone did phone. Elaine drove me over and I had to sign some forms that pertained to liability and also my being grounded for 24 hours afterwards from driving any motorized vehicle or operating any power equipment. I asked the nurse if that meant I couldn't ride a horse also. She gave a half smile and asked how tall the horse was, but said nowhere did it mention not riding a horse.

Well, for 4 years I was praying that nothing bad was going on inside. The operation occurred and they cut out three large polyps (too much information?) and that I would know in three weeks if they were benign, precancerous or cancerous. Well for two weeks I was praying for  the former.

They were right about not driving as I was very groggy for 12 hours and still a little groggy after 24, but other than that and a slightly sore belly, I felt pretty good.

After the two weeks, I returned to see the Doc and he said that on a 1 to 10 scale with 1 being benign and 10 being cancerous, I was a one. The polyps were large and benign. Thanks to God!

He also said that if I had any siblings coming up 40, to have them get checked as the ending isn't always a happy one and an early detection is more easily treatable and has a higher success rate.

During the two weeks, Elaine asked if I was worried. I replied "No, there is no point worrying about something that you have no control over" or something to that effect. I was praying, and my prayer was answered.

Now any more semi-stubborn folks over 40 out there that should be booking an appointment?
When the operating Doc talked to me afterwards he said that I would need another "inspection" in 2 years. After the biopsy, they updated that to 5 years.

Only one other thing to note is  that a product called Golightly is very much miss- named. :-{

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