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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

June 28, 2012

Project for The Day

When I went out the other day, I saw that my shed had dropped down about a foot and a half on the front side. Once I got it jacked back up into position, I got a look at the cause. The original owner had just laid some lumber down and set the shed on top of it. After 8 years on the Acreage, i am still fixing stuff that he did! 
 The temporary cribbing got it roughly into position. Don't worry, I wasn't getting underneath it! The 6 ton bottle jack made short work of getting it up, although I had to take it up in 3 stages.
 One of the two final cribs in place with a full load on it. For some reason, it looks slanted in the picture.
I managed to get it level both ways. Now, do I take a nap, or saddle up a nag?


TexWisGirl said...

nap and a drink! not necessarily in that order!

joyce said...

Nap on the nag! Kill two birds with one stone (figuratvely of course!) You mean you can't build a shed on a wooden floor? ;)

Terry said...

Nap, then ride.
I'm working on our shed too. It's always something.

Michelle said...

I agree with Texwisgirl!

Dar said...

Triple that thought of TexWis and Michelle, by then you will be totally relaxed and the Nag will be glad you didn't saddle her in the heat of the day. Always projects to finish living in the country. We love it.

jean@pilgrimscottage said...

Reminds me of the mattress left under the roof in the attic of an old house we bought some years ago. It was put there by the previous owner to catch the rain, rather than fix the roof. Of course, we got to fix the problem but, we learned a lesson on buying on an old home from someone else!