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June 20, 2012

Gone to a Better Place!

We've had Sushi for three years. We watched him grow from a fingerling to a fish 16 inches long.He went from a tiny fish in a large aquarium to a large fish in a tiny aquarium. Lets say that a 35 gallon tank was just big enough for him to turn around in.

Today we made the choice! Sushi had to go!

So go he went, to a lady that raises fish and a new home in a 120 gallon tank with two other Koi.
The same lady offered to bring us a bunch of guppies.

No, the lady does NOT run a Japanese restaurant!


TexWisGirl said...

oh, glad he didn't pass away! yay! sushi! enjoy the new digs! i hope you will enjoy some room to grow even larger!

Bev said... mind was thinking when I saw he was a Sushi:) Glad you gave him more space!!

luckybunny said...

OH NO! :( While I"m glad Sushi wasn't made into Sushi, still... but oh well, soon he would have been swimming around your living room...

jean@pilgrimscottage said...

Sushi, I'm sure, will appreciate having more room and roommates, too.

DebH said... too...thought that little fishy went over the rainbow bridge! Made me think of a little tiny pirahna fish we had years ago. His better place was not so fortunate, but he sure outgrew that aquarium yearly. Glad to hear he's got room to swim now. Guppies now, I think they just multiply and multiply! So better keep that big aquarium.

Lana said...

WOW - now that is an amazing fish to have in the house! Beautiful!

It's great that he's onto a new home and able to grow even larger.

You obviously did a great job of raising this little fellow!