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March 12, 2012


This guy is starting to feel old, in a good sort of way. The eldest grand child just turned 18 and as a celebration, my son took six of us to Jubilations Dinner Theater in the West Edmonton Mall.

The production was Glee and I would recommend it to anybody that likes good music by a very talented cast. To top it off, all the waiters and waitresses were in character, and quite frankly, you didn't know what they were going to come up with next!

Our waiter was named Dirty Jim, or as he put it, "you can call me Dirty or Mr. Jim" He was a laugh!

Having a very tall and gorgeous grand daughter and her friend, equally tall and gorgeous caused them to be a bit of a target. They got yanked up and did the marioca? dance on stage with one of the cast members. They were very good, and took it in stride. Good sports to say the least!

One waiter had an arm full of dinners, but stopped to shake hands  with the left one. Actually, he was checking out the friend for rings. When none was found, he commented, and the girls turned very red in the face.

The food was great! The production was great, and everybody had a fantastic time!

The best part was after the grand daughter was carded, she and her friend declined anything alcoholic, which goes to show we all could have a great time booze free. The drinks (pop) came to a whole $13. Not bad for 4 hours of great entertainment.

We've got to enjoy these times while we can since she will be departing this fall for Queen's University, her top choice of 4 universities that accepted her. Can you tell that Elaine and I are a whole lot proud of that gal?

There is another good dinner theater coming after this that we will maybe take in. I think it is "Jailhouse Rock" which implies Elvis and others of our era.

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