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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

February 4, 2012

Spring? Continues

At plus 6 C (43F), I decided to take a break and go for a ride. The day was bright and sunny, and the road ways, and fields were not very icy. Biz was the victim of choice, and let it be known that
 A: It was warm,
 B: She was tired,
C: Her buddies were not going with her.
D: Did I mention it was warm?

Anyway, once awakened  saddled up, she was very cooperative. A few turns around the pasture and then the open road. There is a pretty good hill going south from our place and she decided that she wanted to lope it. I figured that it was a good way to burn off some extra energy. After that we trotted down  a subdivision side road and a big field. That got her sweating and wanting to return home. Her toes are in need of a trimming, but served real well as anti-slip extensions on the hard pack. With the country around here, we let the horses go barefoot year round. Knock on wood, I have not had a horse go down yet.

The picture is a before one. The after one of a sweaty, rolled in the snow horse was not very flattering.
The question to be answered, " Who is the worst out-of shape, Biz or me?"

Tomorrow will be the answer. Fortunately, there is church in the morning and the Superbowl in the afternoon. Perhaps the next victim will be Alpine. Tucker is in heat and I prefer not to ride an 1100 pound horse with attitude (PMS?)
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