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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

February 25, 2012

It Seems Spring Riding may Be Delayed a Bit.

 Just when I was getting ready to ride, down it came and is still coming. It took two hours of plowing with the quad and snow blowing to clean up the worst of it.Alpine needs some exercise. She is carrying 100 pounds more than when we first got her, but was overly thin then. Somewhere half way is probably the right weight Currently she weighs in at 1100 pounds.
 Tucker is sitting at 1150 pounds and is a little bulgy also.

 I figure we got about 8 inches of snow (20 cm) and like I said, it's still coming down.

I think I will wait a few days before digging out my truck. I probably won't need it until Wednesday. By then maybe the white stuff will melt. Ha, not going to happen. Then again, why do today what you can put off 'till tomorrow ( or the day after).


TexWisGirl said...

finally, some real snow for you! not that ice stuff, anyway!

Alica said...

It looks like a beautiful snow! We still haven't had any to speak of, but it feels a lot more like winter this weekend. I think March is blowing in like a lion!

Terry said...

We got about 8" the other day too, along with high winds, so we had some pretty deep drifts. We spent all of yesterday digging out, only to get up this morning to find that the wind had changed direction and filled the snow back in. Grrr.

Michelle said...

We haven't really had any snow at all this winter. I depend upon your blog to actually remember what it looks like!

pilgrimscottage said...

Wow! the snow is gorgeous. Nice photos. I especially like the 2nd and 3rd ones.

Lana said...

Oh goodness, I remember the days of living in Germany and us having to shovel the car out of snow. You are one amazing man to get out there and hike around. Since I'm a Texas Native, the snow always reminds me of pain! I admire people who can live in such cold winter environments. Here, we alternate between cold and mild temperatures to roasting. :-)

Your horses are beautiful!!!!