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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

January 26, 2012

A Little Ride

It went up to the freezing temperature today, and being as caught up as I ever get around here, I decided to take Alpine out for a bit of a ride. She knows all the tricks to prevent a rider from mounting. We worked through that.

She really did not want to leave to the herd! We worked through that too.

All in all, a good hour or so  well spent.

It was a busy time yesterday and today. We went over to Edson and picked up a new (well, new to us) SUV for Elaine. The all wheel drive is great in the snow and on the hills around here. It appears that I might have banked some "Atta boys" for future need.

I also managed to strip 4 teeth out of the main drive sprocket on the quad. That required about an hour's worth of work in the field doing enough repairs to get back to the garage. Now I have to re-do it when the new sprocket comes in. I guess when the sprocket comes in, that will eat up one of the "atta boys". Or maybe more than that!

The next 10 day forecast is all around the freezing point which is good as I plan to wear off some of the fat on the horses.

Only 54 days 'till spring!
Bring it on!


Karen said...

Atta Boy! Love your attitude. :)

Li said...

If there's one thing a horse can teach you, it's patience:-) Like the B & W photo format.

Terry said...

Huzzah, 54 days!

TexWisGirl said...

nice that you got a great new vehicle! stay safe on those reluctant horses! :)

Margaret said...

Just a gorgeous photo and let's start counting 54, 53... although my winter days average aroudn 45 - 50 degrees... :) said...

Very productive, even in that weather!! I think I'd be sitting close to the fire bundled and not wanting to move!!! :-)


Project 365 Vets said...

Beautiful photos.

luckybunny said...

It's getting close, spring that is! I think we'll be tapping trees early this year, we are even wondering if it will be in Mid Feb again, but we can't tell for sure yet. It's above zero here today. I'm sure the horses don't mind just sitting around putting on a couple layers ;) LOL about the "Atta boys"

Janice said...

When you say it like that "54 days"it seems so close....I won't be holding my breath:) Thankfully we've only been down to - 22 so far....fingers crossed.