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December 8, 2011

What on Earth are We Doing?

Now, this may rankle a few folks, but I don't intend to apologize.

Since October I have been listening to adds on the radio, on TV and on billboards to buy this, that and the other thing for Christmas. All are glittery, expensive and "must haves" if you are considered to be "in". I don't have a problem with people giving and getting gifts, however, there is a limit on how "in" I need to be.

What does irk me though is the constant reference to Santa Clause. We have made him an icon. Sure he was a great man back in Kris Kringle days, but now we appear to be worshiping him. This started to bother me a couple of years ago when we attended a Public School's version of a Christmas pageant. The only thing Christmas- y about it was the banner over the stage that said "Merry Christmas". There was no mention of Jesus, no mention of the true Christmas story and no appropriate music.

For the next 3 weeks we get to look at all the cute TV shows such as Elf,  Rudolph etc. that are put on in the guise of Christmas entertainment. They have nothing to do with the Lord's coming!

It appears to me now, that unless we as parents, grandparents, etc take the time to tell of the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, the wise men and all the way up to the Apostles, this generation is going to believe that Santa Clause is God, at least for several months a year.

Now this is getting into dangerous territory as God does not like the worship of idols, and has in history decimated cities and nations for this practice, and has issued strong warnings in His Holy Word about worshiping false gods.

Having said this, we are planning on a simple gift to each other, attending a Christmas Eve service at our local church, and celebrating His birth on Christmas Day.

Hopefully, I do not come across as a Grinch, but only as a guy that has had enough of the shameless commercialism  of a Christian holiday. I will likely have a similar rant when it becomes time to "worship" the Easter Bunny.

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