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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

September 20, 2011

Extending... The Hard Way

The temperature in the daytime has been too hot for hunting, so the "spare" time has been spent between constructing the Men's Shelter at the church and clearing more land for the horses.( Horses = hay, lots of it)

I planted some Horseman's mix last year, but the area was too shaded. It took, but struggled. The solution? Get out the chain saw and let the sun shine in. The burn pile to the right (above) is actually in a gully about 6 feet deep. It is going to go high and hot! A pyromaniac's dream!

The quad trailer has been getting lots of use.

There is still a lot of clean-up to do, but, hey, us retired folks have lots of time to spare. Right! I could use a work party of say; The Old Geezer, Clint, Gregg, Kim, and Texwisgirl, and a few others.

Lots of firewood to haul out and stack. This year I said to myself "Those that want free firewood, come get it, free, where is, as is" However, I seem to be hauling it out again. Oh well, it keeps me out of trouble! And sore!

What say? Any volunteers for a serious work party? There   are still two acres to go.


Anonymous said...

How I wish we had heavy equipment like that here, nice work and a little fun too I bet!

Chai Chai

TexWisGirl said...

oh, now you're luring me north!!! i wouldn't even mind the work! i used to 'make wood' with my dad each year in Wisconsin. loved being out in the woods (with a bit of fear for the big portable table saw he used to cut the pieces...) i'd be there if i could, ian!

Farmchick said...

I could send my teenage son right over! He is my husband's right hand farm assistant, so he is well trained.

Mary said...

I would love to lend a hand! If only I had wings...I hope the weather holds for you to enable you to get the work done.

Clint said...

You tell me what to do and I'll do it. I'm excited!

Alica said...

Gotta love a big burn pile! Save it for a cold night, and invite a bunch of friends over to watch it burn! :)

Margaret said...

Wow. Who needs a gym?

Karen said...

That is a lot of work. Hope you get all the help you need.

T.O. Geezer aka ~Ron said...

Hey... I'll be on the next Greyhound Bus headed your way. Of course I'll have to bring Mrs. Geezer and all the grandkids and cousin Clem & cousin Bubba, the dog and a couple of cats. I hope ya got enough food & room for all of us? And just one more thing... I wanna be the boss!

IanH said...

Alicia: The burn pile (four this year is scheduled right after the first heavy snow! I don't want it to get too spread out.

Farmchick: Teenage sons that know how to work are more than welcome!

Texwisgirl: Skilled labour is more than welcome! Will pay bonus if you can also cook for the OG tribe.

T.O. Geezer: Mrs. Geezer scares me! send Bubba. He should be able to pull those trees out by the roots! You can be Boss as city slickers seldom know how to run chain saws. It would be safer for all!

Margaret: look at the m,oney I save in Gym memberships!

Cai Chai: You have a weird idea of fun! this is WORK!

peihome said...

I'll catch the next plane out!
Not that I'd be much help anyway, ha ha.
Your place sure is pretty - love the terrain. PEI is just one big garden, no ruggedness.
But no bears, either!