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August 29, 2011

A Busy Week or Two!

I haven't been blogging as much as I would have liked due to the fall work load.
The best part is we managed to get 312 bales of hay in the shelter and under a tarp before the rain hits (tomorrow). This should be enough to feed 3 horses from now until mid June when we can get them back out to pasture. I hope! Hay aint cheap anymore, although we got a good deal. The turkeys are getting close to sauna time. We don't want anymore 35 pounders!
The quad is now ready for snow, with a working blade for the drive way.
 The raspberries are in the freezer, all 7 gallons of them, although I did make a bunch of jam. We ran out of freezer space.
 The peas are doing well and we will be putting them down probably this week. The raspberry canes in the background are 6 feet tall and should supply a good crop for next summer.
 This part of the garden was a disappointment. Due to the very wet and cold summer, it was basically a failure. The lettuce did well, but that's about it. The potato patch did well, and we are giving away some of the surplus.
 Of our 5 apple trees, this was the only one that set fruit. 
The apples are slated for apple crumbles!
 This is our one and only spaghetti squash. All the rest produced vine, but no fruit. This was the year for the green house! We have had a lot of tomatoes, and peppers, but only because of the greenhouse heat.
Note to self: How do I get the whole garden inside, without breaking the bank?
 The surplus raspberries  were made into jam ( 6 more jars tonight), plus 3 jars of red currant jelly.
Brooklynn here has almost lost her winter coat. Here it is the end of August and she is still shedding! She is a smart dog. She taught herself to walk along and pick raspberries. Very gentle, lips only!  This is her guilty look! " But they are so gooood!"


TexWisGirl said...

love that your dog figured out the raspberry picking! too cute!!! and yum! raspberry jam! and frozen quarts! ugh!!!

so sad that you're preparing for winter and we're still over 100 here each day. i was hopeful this morning when we had overcast skies all forenoon and mid-80s, then the sun burned thru and it hit 100+ again... ah well... they say we might be in the high 90s this weekend with a chance of rain. we can hope...

congrats on getting your hay! i know we're going to need a bunch this winter too. i still buy a truckload at a time.

Mary said...

Ooooh how I love raspberry jam! My Mom used to have an abundant supply of raspberries and she made tons of jam every year, but she moved and more homemade jam. My sister was able to transplant a couple of plants but it will be a while until they are "fruitful".
It's seems you are are ready for winter now. Always good to be prepared.

Clint said...

Congrats on your hay and veggie/fruit crops! Nice lookin' li'l pooch ya got there!

pilgrimscottage said...

Sorry for a poor turnout on some of the garden. But, at least you got raspberries...something I would love to grow. Brooklynn is a beautiful dog.

Alica said...

Glad to hear your hay is done! Your horses will thank you! What wouldn't I give for some of those raspberries!! I just planted a few bushes this summer...hope they do well, because my mouth is already watering!

Terry said...

What a smart girl!
We were lucky and got our winter hay before the price spiked. Texas and New Mexico had a terrible drought this year. Dealers are coming up and buying up Colorado's hay, causing the price to go through the roof. Timothy is at $11.50 a bale. That's a regular bale, not the big ones.

Farmchick said...

What a smart dog! We are going to have to buy a little hay from a neighbor this year, so we are lucky.

allhorsestuff said...

Cool Ian! That's a lot of work that makes one feel so ready, and accomplished!
Your dog must be adorable, picking berries so gingerly...Like the horses when they eat stickers!

Okay, something happened in our neck of the woods this week . A semi truck with many,many tons of fresh hay...smouldered and caught on fire while in transport. Now, one if my clients, that used to out her own hay up said they didn't salt it. I've never heard of salting the hay...tell me about that.