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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

June 21, 2011

Anatomy 101

Ok, after a trip  to Edmonton today, here is the story of the dislocated thumb, at least the part that I'm telling. The specialist said that I did not really dislocate the thumb, rather I broke off the two end bulges on bone #9 which caused the remainder of that bone to end up close to bone #1. What i thought was a dislocation was in fact two breaks on the end of the bone. When I pulled on it, things came back to almost normal, with a slight twist.

The doc talked about me coming in next week to have either of 2 things done.

1. making a small incision under general anesthesia  and pinning the bones back together
2. pinning the bones  without the incision under local freezing.

Either way it would mean a cast on for 6 weeks.

I told him OK as long as he formed the cast so that i could still hold the reins. He thought that was funny.

He also offered to write me a note saying" no cooking, no laundry, and no house work". My kind of Doc!

I was almost home when I got a call from him saying that they had a consultation  back at the hospital and they thought the could position and cast without doing surgery. Again, my kind of Doc!

So, I go back in on Thursday to get option three done.

Life is awkward, but still good on the acreage.

In the meantime, they gave me a splint, read cast, which will make riding even more awkward.
To make it worse, I had to turn down the annual horse driven cattle drive by our neighbour taking the 120+ head up to the summer pasture, right down one of the main highways.  It's always lots of fun!
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