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June 21, 2011

Anatomy 101

Ok, after a trip  to Edmonton today, here is the story of the dislocated thumb, at least the part that I'm telling. The specialist said that I did not really dislocate the thumb, rather I broke off the two end bulges on bone #9 which caused the remainder of that bone to end up close to bone #1. What i thought was a dislocation was in fact two breaks on the end of the bone. When I pulled on it, things came back to almost normal, with a slight twist.

The doc talked about me coming in next week to have either of 2 things done.

1. making a small incision under general anesthesia  and pinning the bones back together
2. pinning the bones  without the incision under local freezing.

Either way it would mean a cast on for 6 weeks.

I told him OK as long as he formed the cast so that i could still hold the reins. He thought that was funny.

He also offered to write me a note saying" no cooking, no laundry, and no house work". My kind of Doc!

I was almost home when I got a call from him saying that they had a consultation  back at the hospital and they thought the could position and cast without doing surgery. Again, my kind of Doc!

So, I go back in on Thursday to get option three done.

Life is awkward, but still good on the acreage.

In the meantime, they gave me a splint, read cast, which will make riding even more awkward.
To make it worse, I had to turn down the annual horse driven cattle drive by our neighbour taking the 120+ head up to the summer pasture, right down one of the main highways.  It's always lots of fun!


Flora said...

Oh dear... I hope Elaine put up with you during this time!
I can imagine your frustration not being able to go one the ride!

Crystal Mary said...

You don't realise how much you use your body until something happens to hinder. It will take a while to mend and cold weather will be the test plus garding against arthritis... can I suggest taking two magnesium tabs every night?? Look up the value of magnesium on the net.. it will ward off future problems.

texwisgirl said...

ha ha! i like flora's comment! she's obviously been thru something similar before!!!

well, at least you won't need surgery and hopefully can heal - IF you let it!

Clint said...

I need your doc's name and address. I don't have anything (physically) wrong with me, but would like to get a few written excuses from him to be used when my wife wants me to do something.

I look forward to pics of the cast.

Gregg said...

Wow! I wasn't aware of your injury. Glad it isn't more serious. Bummer about turning down the drive. When I pastored in Cedarville, CA, the annual cattle drive came right down the two highway we lived on right past our house each year. It was fantastic and as you said always lots of fun. We looked forward to it.

Love the Doc, no cooking, laundry or housework!

*The Old Geezer said...

How much $ did you have to give the Doc to write you that get out of house work note?

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Ouch! Wishing you speedy healing - but long delayed housework ;-)

Karen said...

Hope all goes well. Can you really ride okay with that injury? I like the Doctor's excuse for housework. :)