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May 3, 2011

Tough Times

This is a picture of Boom shortly after we got him on one of our first trail rides up the mountain to a trapper's cabin. He was sold to us as a gentle, calm 16 year old. The first two were accurate and we could not wish for a better horse. However, the vet said he was much older than 16 years.

Currently, Boom is suffering from a suspected stroke, the heaves, and partial loss of control on the hind end, probably as a result of the stroke. His hind feet are dragging, and he is definitely unstable. The vet took a look at him and said that he likely wasn't in any pain.

We have a couple of medications that are supposed to improve the breathing and promote healing. The vet says that we should know in about 4 days what situation will be like. The vet also commented on a previous visit in the fall for teeth floating that Boom was likely around 34 years old, which is old for a horse.

It could be the suspected stroke, shakiness, and tough breathing is simply a matter of old age. The last few days did not have me feeling much like blogging.

This is likely going to be a long 4 days on the Acreage!


texwisgirl said...

Oh, Ian, I'm so sorry! I so hate this part of loving animals. I've lost 2 old mares in the past 3 years and it just wrecks my heart. If Boom is indeed 34, he has had a good long life. I'm hoping whatever comes next will be easy on him. Sounds like you and he both deserve that.

keys22s said...

Sorry to hear about Boom's health. 34 is a ripe old age for a horse. This winter and early spring has been hard for us too (with too many losses) Not only did we lose our good old Belgian horse, but we also lost two calves and two 'old' chickens.
I hope you have better luck with Boom. He looks like he was one of the 'best'!

Terry said...

I am so very very sorry. Best of luck.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So sorry to hear that. How awful that the sellers lied to you so drastically. Hoping for healing for your horse.

Child of God said...

I am so sorry to hear this! :( I know what it is like to see a horse melt in front of you. I have had more than my fair share and it never ever gets easy.
I had to put down my daughters horse this past January because of a stroke, he couldn't get up on his own and it was might cold out so we put him down. Very sad and really hard to do.

Praying and praying for you and Boom and asking God to make him well! I prayed for a pony of mine that foundered really bad the vets thought that was it but God healed him! Seriously he was on his way out. Keep the faith!

Gregg said...

Ian, I am sorry - putting down a good animal, one who has been a friend and more than a pet is tough. I do hope he gets better, but at 34 what is better? Blessings to you brother.

*The Old Geezer said...

Sorry to hear about Boom the horse. I hope he gets better.


Cathy M. said...

I'm so glad you were able to have Boom for the length of time you've had him. Hope he gets better.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Has EPM been ruled out? My condolences to you and Boom. Not easy to go thru.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Ian,
Oh, dear!! I understand the whole situation with your best gentle horse, Boom. I follow your blog often, Ian. I have already read your previous posts. So I know the ending... I give you my deep condolences, dear. I am truly sorry. Boom had a wonderful long life with you and your wife. It is very sad to say good-bye to our best friends, the animals. It was good that you called the Veterinarian to check on Boom's Health. You gave Boom his medications, like Cortisone- in order to improve his health conditions. You did your best for your dear friend, Boom. He looked like a beautiful horse in this picture, just like your other two horses, Biz and Tucker. You have got such a wonderful farm with lovely animals, Ian. I enjoy reading your posts. However, I understand that you don't feel like blogging or writing anything at this point. I would feel poorly sad as well. The Lord be with Boom, with you and all your beloved ones, Ian. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your world with Christians souls worldwide!! We love you, Ian!!
God may bless you!! I am praying for you all.
In the Garden of God,
Poet Starry.