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2. Things that don't move

April 12, 2011

Serious Shedding?

I decided to attack three horses today as all three were looking like road kill. Boom was the worst! His hair is coming out in big clumps. An hour into the brushing, Boom was sound asleep, and almost purring. I have to find a use for slightly used horse hair. It seems to cover the ground each spring. I know the birds will find a use for it. 

almost felt guilty brushing the horses because the weather forecast is not good with a major storm heading at us from the south. The forecast includes high winds and 15 to 30 cm (6 to 12 inches) of heavy wet snow.
Just when the pasture is starting to show bare spots in some places. Go figure!


Gorges Smythe said...

Hair is almost pure protein and thus rich in nitrogen, plus earthworms love it. Put it in your compost pile. (Along with hoof trimmings.)The old-timers mixed it into plaster to add strength.

Dar said...

Now, you take that horse hair and get crafty. My daughter has a bracelet, might gorgeous, all weaved with horsehair, and decorated with colored leather strips and beads. I can't remember where she found it, but anything ' horse 'is right up her 'gitty-up' alley.
I'm sure your horses went for a good roll right after you brushed them out. It's their thing to do.

Gregg said...

Couldn't see the pics again, but sounds like spring is here when the horses shed like that. A new storm,yikes! Does summer ever hit there?

Gregg Metcalf
Colossians 1:28-29

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texwisgirl said...

well, i'm back to not being able to see your photo today. but i'm sorry to hear about the weather forecase! now that your horses are practically naked and all! :)

li said...

So they've prob lost a few pounds. It would be nice if humans could, by brushing our hair! (Those of us who have some to spare.) My neighbor uses dog hair for spinning, surely someone could use horse hair?

Karen said...

Looks like as much hair as my dog sheds!

texwisgirl said...

now i can see the furry beastie! :)

*The Old Geezer said...

Can horses go bald? Don't Laugh! Remember... I'm a city slicker :-)

forgetmenot said...

As you can see, watermelon is good for much more than just "eating". Looks like you have your work cut out for you with the horses! Hope you don't have too much of a storm--winter is suppose to be over-right! Mickie :)