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March 3, 2011

What is NORMAL?

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Whatever it is, we appear to be back there. After a week with no water and then 2 days with 85 feet of totally frozen 3" diameter sewer pipe, the man with the steamer truck showed up and three hours later we had water flowing and sewers operational. Some of the lines were frozen right up to the sinks. Three hours of swamping for the steamer man, folded up in a three foot crawl space left me kind of beat! Fortunately, both the well tech and the steamer operator were good teachers, and gave me quite a few hints on how to improve for next winter. Tomorrow, I'm going to water the chickens and horses the easy way, and then put my feet up. I still have a bit of finishing up to do, but it can wait a day. Maybe tomorow, I will even get my busted camera out again.

Life is getting better on the Acreage! Even the temperatures are mellowing out at -15C for the next 10 days. That is still 14 degrees below normal. It's a start!



Glad to hear the good news :-)

That weird looking multicolored hair person looks like some of our politicians and Hollywood types that live here in California.

texwisgirl said...

Oh thank goodness your 'plumbing' is back to working order! Please get the old 'guess & shoot' back out if you feel up to it, but first catch some z's. :)

Gregg said...

Good news! Very glad you can take a rest after all that.

IanH said...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm has left a new comment on your post "What is NORMAL?":

Brrr it's cold there! So glad to hear you're back in the water!

Child of God said...

So glad to hear that things are back to normal but sad to hear that you had to go so long without water.