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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

March 29, 2011

Riding Day

Yep, Biz is starting to shed pretty good. I figured on grooming her up and taking her out for a little spin, then trimming her feet after she was compliant.

Here she is being a good horse and standing still with the reins loose.

The game plan went pretty well until she decided without permission to leave the driveway. She jumped into the snow bank and sunk right up to the top of the saddle. I bailed out at this time, as I knew she would rear up and spin. Until I got off she couldn't move. After that, she stayed on the plowed road. We had Boots , Brooklynn and our neighbours two labs come along for the ride. After that, it was do the feet. The frogs were not in good shape so were trimmed back. The toe nails were about a half an inch long and were nipped off. Each dog got his own toe nail to chew on. What's with dogs anyway? I can't imagine anything more revolting than chewing on a horse's toe nail. Obviously, there is something in it that dogs like. It looks like our weather is finally starting to turn for the better.


texwisgirl said...

shoot! still can't see 'em, altho the blocks with red Xs in them got bigger...

Jane said...

Glad your weather is improving,it's about time! Good day for riding I guess. Blessings jane

peihome said...

Ian, your pictures aren't showing up!
for me, anyway ...

Farmchick said...

I can see the pics and this horse business sounds rowdy!!! I'll stick to dogs and cows.

Ron said...

The pictures look fine and I'm sure Springtime will show up sometime before Christmas. Maybe? :-)

Lloyd said...

Love looking at the pictures of snow... but down here in southern Oregon we are finally getting some Spring weather. God bless, Lloyd

Starry Dawn said...

Good Morning, Ian!!
I am glad to see your lovely pictures again.
I love horses, dogs, cats, birds and all animals. I am an animal lover. I guess, this is the main reason why I follow your amazing blog.
Your horse is ready to take you for a ride. That is lovely!! I see Boots waiting by her side. The snow is still there. It seems as if it wants to stay a little longer. I am sure, you can't wait for a warmer weather to arrive with Springtime days for real. You will soon get ready to plant new seeds on the ground for a good harvest. It must be a great feeling to be an acreage owner. I wish I could be a land owner and a homeowner. Then, I'll be able to write more poems, songs and stories with better inspirations after all. I am running dry from inside and out lately about that. Anyway, I managed to write a new Song with a great melody and Music. I call it: "If you only believe." I got my dear friend, Linda to sing it for me on the MP3. Ian, I invite you to read it, if you want to, dear. It is a real blessing to have you aboard. You are welcome at anytime, Ian.
Thank you for posting new pics of your darlings!
God bless you, Ian, and those you love!!
All the best,
Poet and Song-Writer, Starry Dawn.