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February 23, 2011

What is Going On?

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The other day, we were all sitting around celebrating Heritage Day and watching our eldest grand daughter with her new e-book. It seemed kind of neat and we were discussing what it would do. It appears it will do almost anything. Three books for $15, not bad!

However, not so good for those folks producing book grade paper. As a guy that spent 36 years in the newspaper business, I eventually brought the subject around to newspapers. It appears that it will also download newspapers!  Now "what the heck", say I. How about just sitting back and reading a normal, black and white (with some colour) newspaper? Well it turns out she has never sat down and actually read a newspaper from start to finish! Never!

To me, this was mind boggling. To go through 17 years  (well, I guess 10) years without reading a paper!
I was in shock!  Fortunately, I am retired from the newspaper business, but here I am thinking about how this country was built on newsprint and newspapers. If you wanted to find out something, you grabbed a paper!

Now, you punch up some search words and out comes information overload!

Then, I got to thinking " When was the last time that I read a newspaper?" I used to buy the local paper, but found that there was only week old, non-relative items. I thought deeper and found out that I have not purchased a real, daily newspaper in over a year.

I have read newspapers that are left in A&W or Timmy's , but being frugal (read cheap) they were not ones that I bought.

All of a sudden, I felt like a dinosaur! OK, OK, rude comments will be censored out of this blog.

Now, how many of you that are far more technologically advanced than I am, still read a newspaper?
Why or why not?

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