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February 16, 2011

Now and Again, a Guy can Win One!

Before Christmas I took offense at a commercial , that to me, was offensive. I wrote to Advertising Standards Canada voicing my complaint. Some time later, I received a reply that the ASC disagreed with me, but that I could ask for a review by the Consumer Response Council. As I still felt very strongly about the message being aired, I requested the review.

This review was done by a council of advertisers, advertising agencies, the media and members of the public. These are all volunteers that spend their time reviewing complaints such as these.

Today, I received an email from the Advertising Standards Canada, saying that the commercial had been reviewed, and my concerns were justified!

They also stated that the commercial is no longer being aired!

What I learned from this:

1. One small voice can make a difference!

2. There is a Government system that actually seems to work!

3.Big Companies can be challenged successfully at no cost!

4.What we see, and do not like, can, in some cases, be corrected!

Having said all this, I will be watching to see if this type of advertisement resurfaces.

Unfortunately, I cannot post the response without written permission from the Advertising Standards Canada, as it is deemed privileged, confidential, and is copywrited. I am satisfied that the commercial is off air, hopefully, permanently.

So, for all those out there that are cheesed off, write the letter, write the e-mail or contact your government representative, as they are there to help.
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