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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

January 9, 2011

After the Snow Came Down

The fun starts!

For Brooklynn, all this snow was fun to play in, although sticks are hard to find. You have to dig deep!

But, she is a retriever, and neither snow nor sleet nor hail will deter her mission. Or, is that the Post Office?

The back yard need some more digging out. I have already done it twice, just to be able to get to the chicken coop.

Then there is my ride. I hooked a wheel and down into the ditch it went. The close up of the bumper is not pretty so I won't show it. To extricate the truck I had to sacrifice one fence pole, via chainsaw. The bumper was very tightly caught and tensioned.

The neighbour also didn't fare well as he went in while getting me out. This one took three trucks, I tractor and 4 guys to get it out.
Posted by PicasaBoom is Boom! He seemed to not mind the storm at all! The extra rations helped.

Biz and Tucker still went walk about, mainly to see what their crazy food supplier was doing. The two horse pictures were taken early in the storm. By the end, the snow was knee deep on the horses.

Life was good, though.. I managed to read 5 old issues of Harrow smith, watch some TV and a DVD , and make some Zeds

The County was around Sunday morning with the plow, so we were able to get out for church. Saturday nothing moved. When we got home, our neighbour had plowed an 8 foot wide track up our driveway. Sunday afternoon I widened it out with the snow scoop. I figure on about 3 days to get stuff cleared up.
 Life is still good on the acreage!
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