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December 30, 2010

I'm Officially in the 21st Century!

For many years I have fought against acquiring a cell phone! I see too many people with the critter glued to their ear, talking in line-ups oblivious to the fact that everyone can hear their banter. Cell phones in cars, while driving. Cell phones at the dinner table, very rude! Cellphones on vacation and 24/7. How I fought against this movement!

Well, Elaine picked up one of the latest and greatest phones along with a texting package and asked if I wanted her old one. In a weak moment I agreed.

She is always worried about blizzards, me going off the road or getting tossed by a horse. For the latter, my response was" If I can crawl, I will get out. If I can't you can find me by the circling crows and buzzards". Somehow, that did not go over very well.

Anyway, I now have a slightly used cell phone with no apps (whatever they may be), no texting capability, and my very own, unique phone number!

I don't intend giving out my phone number as people may be upset when they phone me and find out my phone is not turned on.

The only drawback, is that the dial is too small for my big fingers.

Alive and kicking in the 21st Century! Amazing! Who would have thunk it?

I will have to develop a code or something for my coffee buddy, so that I will know when he is at Timmie's.

Are you caught up in the cell phone rat race, where the rats are winning?

What hints and tips can you supply me with, so that I don't get too far into technology? Is it cool to use a pencil to dial?

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