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December 1, 2010

Friends for Life!




Posted by Picasa
Posted by PicasaThis was inspired from the Old Geezer Blog.
From the top:  

Pal, a Border Collie that was an excellent baby sitter, child herder and a fearless friend. He would not allow our oldest to crawl beyond the hedge line without putting a shoulder into him and turning him around. The first time we heard him bark was when our oldest stood up in his walker and was about to fall out. R.I.P, Pal

Dusty: A registered Shetland Sheepdog (Shelty). He was mainly decorative, hated our youngest son, but was the only "Lap Dog" that we have owned. he was a fearless partridge dog that would grab and hold, but would not retrieve. His annoying habit was to sneak up, pounce and try to kill the vacuum cleaner when Elaine was doing housework. R.I.P Dusty

Sheba: Our Yellow Lab, probably the best dog overall. Loved kids, was a solid upland bird retriever who just liked to please. She could pass our youngest son, swimming upstream in the Athabasca River, much to his disgust! R.I.P. Sheba

Boots:   Another Border Collie who has been kicked 36 times that I have seen by trying to herd horses. Horses do not herd! He is stone deaf as a result. He is happiest out in the field watching horses, or by the chicken coop keeping an eye on his flock.

Brooklynn: She is our newest acquisition, sort of a rescue dog needing a good home and space to run. Hopefully, by next year, she will be a trained up, slimmed down bird retriever. She has the potential! Generally, a big, lovable hairy dog who follows me everywhere.

The trouble with pets, is that you tend to outlive them, and times are tough when the decision has to be made!

Note: No cat pictures!


texwisgirl said...

Oh I love my pups, and I love these sweet dogs!!! I wish they could live longer too, but pet parenting carries its price. For all the joys they bring, we have to carry the responsibility and the sorrow too. Loved your descriptions of these furry souls!

Gregg said...

Great post Ian! We have had some wonderful dogs over the years also. I noticed very quickly, no cat pics!

peihome said...

No cat pictures?!!!

That's okay, I forgive you, lol.

About Dusty hating your youngest son: why? Was he jealous of him? Too funny!

Ruby likes most people, but the odd one, she shows her dislike for - and for no obvious reason I can see.

Terri said...

hi ian! i'm happy to have found your blog and will follow.
i loved reading these brief stories and seeing their pictures. they are all wonderful, but i must say i am partial to brooklyn. we had a golden growing up (nugget) and my aunt was a breeder. what fun memories it was going to her home and playing with all those adorable little golden bears!


It looks like you've had some great dogs. Sheba looks like she could have belonged to John Wayne with that cool looking scarf she has around her neck.

Who catches the mice and rats around your place if you don't have a cat? Maybe I'll send you a couple of kitty cats for a Christmas present.

~Ron :-)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

You said it Ian, timely words indeed. But haven't you been reading about my barncat, Shine, and his deeds of valor? Gotta getcha some barncats. For sure.

Cathy M. said...

Love your pictures! I've enjoyed snooping around your clever blog. My favorite photo is of your horse in the snow waiting for his food. I can almost hear the crunch of your feet in the snow. Aren't animals wonderful?

Starry Dawn said...

Yes, Ian!! Dogs, Cats and Horses are our best friends. I love animals, for they are my true friends. I enjoy reading your posts, Ian.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and to all your beloved ones!!!
I added a few more words to my last post, if you care to read.
Thank you for reading and visiting my blogs!!
God bless you, and all the best.