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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

December 16, 2010

Digging Out

We got dumped on over the last 36 hours!

Not quite a blizzard 'cause it wasn't cold enough at -18C (0 F) to qualify. It was windy enough and it snowed hard enough to close most of the highways in the area, or at least restrict driving. Visibility was close to zero, and it drifted up pretty good.

The hay shelter was in the wind path, but most of the snow blew past.

The trees next to the house were loaded up, as was the driveway and walks. It took about 4 hours to get them cleared out.

On the good side, it was nice and warm in the chicken coop. There appears to be  room at the inn, so I don't see the need to double bunk. Oh, well, chickens!
Posted by PicasaThe horses weathered the storm in the shelter, but still got coated up pretty good.

I am still waiting for you southerners to take me up on an acreage exchange, say early in the new year. Sign up now and avoid the last minute rush!
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texwisgirl said...

Okay, Ian. Give it up already! It's just not gonna happen, okay?! :)

I'd say those temps and snows qualified as a blizzard! The chicken shot was funny w/ the 2 in one slot. Stay warm!

(We had 72 yesterday; only 54 expected today and everyone here is talking about how cold it is again! Ugh!)

Gregg said...

Yikes! I want some snow here in Longview, but not like that, nor at those temps. Glad all is well thus far though. Seems animals and peoples weathered it well. Chickens look content, don't they?

After that wonderful ride you took through that beautiful country, tell me again why you want to go south?

Karen said...

Ian, you make the exchange sound so appealing. But I think you'd be bored with only squirrels to see in my yard. Besides, I don't even have snow shoes.

Terri said...

looks like the song, "i'm dreaming of a white christmas" won't be in your repertoire.

your rooster and horses are so beautiful!

growing up in chicago and now residing in phoenix, i must say i don't miss the days of 40 below!


IanH said...

Texwisgirl: I never give up! I'm as stubborn as they come.
Gregg: The ride was wonderful, but I could do it in +70F, and give some folks the experience of real living in the north.
Karen: if you are still interested in a swap, I will through the snowshoes in just to sweeten the pot!
Terri: Sure you do! Look at how strong a person that you are as a result of the experience!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Lovely to see how the hens cuddle up those fresh eggs, notting can beat that. I had a couple of chickens too but I live at the end of the forrest now and there a lots of ferrets and badgers around I would have'd to lock them up real real good.
Not even talking about the no chickens for me but I sure miss them in my yard.
Take care of the horses for me will you I feel so so sorry for them being out there in the cold....I'll hop over and bring them a blanket..
Happy times my friend.
Hugs D.