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November 9, 2010

Two Standards?

I was watching the news the other night and heard (again) that smoking is bad for your health, that it is a direct link to cancer and other nasty ailments. It appears the Canadian Government is concerned enough that they are talking about putting more vivid pictures on the packages, as people are getting complacent about the old ones.

They are also concerned about the cost to our medicare system in the future, that it will be a horrendous burden on the taxpayer.

The Government folks are also talking about increasing the tax on cigarettes to again discourage people from smoking.

Now, every time that you finish a pack in Canada, you have just smoked up a $10 bill so to speak.

If they increase the price to $15 per pack, will it stop people? History says "not likely".

The part that gets me is the government makes tremendous revenue from the sale of tobacco. Now, how can they push push people into quiting, yet enjoy the tax revenue?

How about hiking the tax way up AND put all revenue from the sale of tobacco into the Medicare system to help offset the cost of treatment? After all, to smoke or not to smoke is a choice that the individual makes. In other words, let the user pay!

Did I ever smoke? Yes, but I chose to quit cold turkey 36 years ago.

What are your thoughts about this social problem?

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texwisgirl said...

Good though-provoking post. I've never been a smoker and thank God for that. When I see someone who is so addicted to it they can't function without a cigarette, I think about their health and also about all the money they are spending to ruin their own health. But I've known alcoholics and drug users too so an addiction is an addiction I guess. And good money wasted for it all. I don't know how the government (Canadian or US either) would ever put a stop to their revenue streams. Liked your idea of funding the medicare system from it though! Wish there was an easy solution. But I think it's like a cure for the common cold - they'll never allow one as it would put too many pharmaceutical companies out of business. :)

Gregg said...

I am opposed to any government regulation or control of things like smoking, guns, health, etc. I recognize that God established government, I am to submit to government, and that government has a God-given role.

I think government's role is more to keep the peace, make enough laws for the protection of society but not to keep me alive by raising taxes on cigarettes, cookies, candy, soda, wine, and etc.

Government can't win the war against illegal drugs, so California wants to legalize pot, and government wants to tax and at the same time out-law smoking. Not their job.

I don't smoke any longer, having quit cold-turkey in 1978. But I guess we have to run through prohibition (Volstad Act) concerning smokes until they realize you can't legislate it. Come on, booze kills, destroys livers, etc. but it is legal.

I am not in favor of smoking I just want to keep government control and regulation out of my life in order to live a life of peace and dignity before the Lord and to enjoy life as a free citizen.

peihome said...

I think if the prices get too high, there will be a lot more hijacking of cigarette trucks, and more thefts of cigs in the stores.
I don't know the solution. I've never smoked, but I know lots who do, and I don't know what price point would deter them. You would think it would stop some smokers, to be sure.
Perhaps the kids, at first, but they always find a way, don't they?


I quit smoking back in 1976. They can tax the snot out of smoking as far as I'm concerned but the hypocritical government should at least pay for a decent burial for the tax paying smoker.

Toyin O. said...

I think your idea of hiking the tax way up AND put all revenue from the sale of tobacco into the Medicare system to help offset the cost of treatment is great.