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November 21, 2010

How Better?

Kids, dogs, sliding, and a B.I.G. bonfire, that's how!

Once the fire got going, everybody backed off. The heat was tremendous!

The crazy dogs kept stealing branches and chewing them up. You'd think that they were a couple of beavers!

The fire really got going with no smoke because  the pile had dried most of the summer. I forgot it was Saturday so I had a lot of neighbours going in and out of the branch road all rubbernecking to see what the crazy guy was burning up now.

Once it got going, the flames were at the top of the trees in the background. Not bad for a wannabe pyromaniac. Yep, I like things that burn bright and go boom! Best that I could do out of this pile was bright with a lot of crackling.

Only 4 more piles to go, then I can start on next winter's burn pile.

This is the sort of thing that us crazy Canadians do when its cold outside. Bears hibernate, but 6 months is too long for us. Shift gears and enjoy what God gives us.

With the last cold spell, actually, we are still in it, the ice should be thick enough on the local lakes to start thinking about ice fishing. All I need is 4 inches of ice to walk on. Two feet is my limit for driving a truck on the lakes. Even then, it is smart to drive with the door and window open so that you can get out should the vehicle break through.

The areas that I fish now are all within easy walking distance from the road, so why take the risk?

Yep, I think that I will dig out the ice auger and pail ( for sitting on) and check it out. I never got out last year even though I don't have to pay for an angling licence any more. That is one of the (few) joys of getting older. It's payback time! Whoo hoo, the government lets me fish for free!
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