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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

October 2, 2010

More Things I've Learned!

Being new to quads, I've got a lot to learn! This doesn't look much like a hill, but it is! When you decide to take a short cut, see if the quad will go through it first without the load.

The poplar blocks are still relatively green, and heavy enough that i could just barely lift one. The quad is high pointed on the belly pan, and the trailer is jack knifed aginst the rear wheel.

I hated the thought of off loading the trailer, so I got my rope, chain and come along , unhooked the trailer and drovethe quad out. I rigged up to the trailer tongue and used the come along to straighten the trailer around. Then, I went and got the 4X4 and rigged to it and popped the dude out of the hole.

Things I learned:
1. What appears to be solid ground is not necessarily so.
2. Taking a short cut does not save time.
3. A fully loaded trailer pushes a quad downhill no matter what you do with the brakes!
4. A fully loaded trailer really likes to jack knife.
5. A come- along takes a lot of levering to move a trailer 20 feet
6.I'm getting too old for this stuff
7. Horses are more reliable than quads. I've never got one stuck yet!
8. Don't apply power to a quad pulling up hill. They tend to want to flip over backwards.
9. In future, people who want firewood, get it where it falls.
10.You don't get this sort of learning curve living in the city!

Today was better. 23C, sunny and no wind. I saddled up Biz and gave the new resident dog the learning curve of trying to keep up with a horse. Her butt was dragging! It was a great day! Nobody got tossed (me)! Nobody got stepped on (Brooklynn). And Biz got a handfull of her favourite apple flavoured horse treats.

Life is GOOD on the acreage!
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