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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

October 26, 2010

It looks like it is Here to Stay!

No, I did not trade in my camera for a black and white unit! It seems winter is now here to stay or at least for a couple of days. I took the day off after putting 9 turkeys and 12 roosters into the Club Sears vacation retreat. The weather was pretty good for doing the turkeys. Elaine and a friend helped with the plucking and whatever. Both drew the line at drawing the birds (pun intended). So, back at the rest of the roosters tomorrow. The weather is forecast to be -12C which is darned cold for those of you that are not bilingual yet.

Brooklynn is enjoying the snow as are we because all that long golden hair isn't caked up with mud!

The fog lifted so I could get a few pics of the first serious snowfall of the year. Actually, I am very grateful, grateful that we don't live on the eastern seaboard, Toronto, Timmins, Winnipeg, or Saskatchewan where they are experiencing the worst ever "weather bomb" to hit North America, according to our Edmonton weatherman. It's a good one to be able to watch from the inside, with power and heat on.

Biz is  giving me the hairy eyeball and asking for her food rations to be increased. I could say that I talk "horse", but she is always asking that. Eat 'till you drop is her motto.

Boom is kind of taking it in stride. He has seen about thirty winters, so what's one more to an old hand at surviving?

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