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September 28, 2010

I Don't Believe This is Possible..But it is

On the local news at noon today out of Edmonton, it was announced that some person(s) had challenged a law as being unconstitutional and against the Freedom of Rights. A judge has ruled in favour of this challenge. The law? Anything pertaining to the curtailment of prostitution! The law was challenged in Toronto.

Now, The Freedom of Rights has to be the worst law that the liberal party ever put into effect for a whole bunch of reasons.

The judge ruling is most likely a liberal judge, appointed, not elected by the liberal party. Canada appoints judges so there is a roaring old-boys-club at work.

Now, being a guy that looks for alterior motives, I suspect that this will be tied somehow to a government make work program. In the next election, coming soon, I hope, I can just see the liberal banners flying.

Government makes work... A brothel on every corner.

Well folks, not only is this ruling dead against what is said in the Bible, but it is also against any concept of common sense that I can imagine! It is time for every God fearing Christian and those from other callings to write their MP's and demand that this nonsense stop!

I read somewhere that MP's take letters seriously, as for every one received, there are 400 to 500 that feel the same way, but are too apathic to write.

If you think that having crack houses, drug dens in your neighbourhood is bad, just wait 'till the brothel shows up!

Please write!
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