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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

May 20, 2010

All Caught Up. Well, Almost!

 There is just a half day's work left on the play fort. I had to call it off for a bit inorder to get the chicken coop annex finished.

The coop annex is already for the new residents on June 4th. Elaine is going to finish painting the trim for me. Note that the bird house has a swallow sitting on the roof, so I guess we will be kept amused by the aerobatics again this summer. Tree swallows are amazing flyers.  Note: I said flyers, not friers. The friers are shown in the middle of their molt.  There are two hens missing from the picture, probably inside laying.

Roo is still showing some of the effects of his frozen comb and wattles , but it appears to be sluffing off. He is the boss, and keeps a close eye on his "girls"

3/4 of the garden is now planted. About 2 acres of new pasture have been seeded  and some of the flower beds have been cleaned up. The seeding was just completed hours before the first thunderstorm of the year. Good planning? Or good luck? There have been a whole bunch of minor jobs done besides, so it's now play time on the acreage!Posted by Picasa
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