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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

April 27, 2010

What Next!

On the way to Swan Hills on the second last day of work, my faithful steed started making extreme noises. There was a strong odour of exhaust and I wished that I had a set of ear plugs. Wildlife was heading for the tall timber at least a half mile away. I figured, "Ok, I've blown an exhaust manifold".  Not so. I "feathered the truck past the weigh scales so as to not wake up any folks that did not fill their quotas of tickets for the day, and eased off onto West Mountain Road. Home free!
Clipart Photo of a Military Mechanic Working On an Aircraft
I crawled all over the engine trying to find what was blown. No luck!

The next day. Do I take it back to swan Hills? Yep! And it gets me home ok, but slightly shell shocked.

My auto mechanic buddy started it up and said something like "Oh, My Gawsh!"

It turns out that I had blown out a spark plug and burned out a coil. The upside is that he thinks that a helicoil will get me back on the road. It's worth a try, as it's about 15 hours labour to change out the head.
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