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March 5, 2010

You Can Make a difference!

When you see the wrong things happening, speak out! Take the case of our peerless leaders deciding to make the Canadian national anthem "more gender friendly". It appears that enough people made the phone calls, sent the emails, wrote the talk shows, that these folks in power decided this was not a thing to pursue and did a 180 real fast! With a record defecit, unemployment still unacceptable, these folks decided to maybe try and deflect the attention of the people. It did not work!

Now lets take this to the next level. If you are unhappy with the abortion issues, the removal of God from schools, Christmas without Christ, etc. take the time to pick up the pen, mouse or phone and make your voice heard. It can make a difference! After all, the folks in the top level don't need the money, they are usually rich to start with. It is all about power, ego and a place in history. They want to be re-elected!

Don't sit back and take it. Speak out! You may be amazed at how things can turn around! Maybe our country can actually get freedom of religion (Christianity) back in the schools.
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