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March 5, 2010

You Can Make a difference!

When you see the wrong things happening, speak out! Take the case of our peerless leaders deciding to make the Canadian national anthem "more gender friendly". It appears that enough people made the phone calls, sent the emails, wrote the talk shows, that these folks in power decided this was not a thing to pursue and did a 180 real fast! With a record defecit, unemployment still unacceptable, these folks decided to maybe try and deflect the attention of the people. It did not work!

Now lets take this to the next level. If you are unhappy with the abortion issues, the removal of God from schools, Christmas without Christ, etc. take the time to pick up the pen, mouse or phone and make your voice heard. It can make a difference! After all, the folks in the top level don't need the money, they are usually rich to start with. It is all about power, ego and a place in history. They want to be re-elected!

Don't sit back and take it. Speak out! You may be amazed at how things can turn around! Maybe our country can actually get freedom of religion (Christianity) back in the schools.
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It sounds like politicians are the same around the world. I'll handle the USA and you take care of Canada.

When The Old Geezer, Brother Ian and God ban together these political clowns don't have a chance!! Of course I'm pretty sure God can handle things without us.

Melodie said...

I love the Tea Party movement going on here in the States...I hope it spreads like wild fire and consumes this country so we can get this country back on track and send a message to all these politicians,shape up or ship out !

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Be pro-active. Great post. I would love to see freedom of religion back in schools. Of course freedom to Christianity like you say because freedom of all other religions is allowed.

Gregg said...

There is no doubt that a single invidvidual can make a massive difference in almost anything. History is replete with examples of that.

I think it is a matter of 1) God sovereignly allowing what has happened as judgment for sin; 2) apathy on the part of good people; 3)sheer numbers of wicked oppostion.

Why I mean by that, if anyone really believes the numbers that any of the polls put out, including Barna, or UnChristianity Today, etc about how people in this country are true believers, then they are sadly deceived.

There are far less truly redeemed, righteous, and godly people in this country than the ungodly. People are happy when they are not too terribly disturbed and they think they are getting what they want or need for little or no cost. This causes the majority to simply look the other way.

Do we give up? No! Are we defeated, absolutely not, we are on the winning side, praise God! We do what God directs us to do through His Word and through this Holy Spirit guiding our conscience as well as we can and leave the results to our heavenly Father.

Good post!

Texan said...

Yes we have faced these issues here in the USA... I can't believe that they no longer say the pledge of allegiance in school because the word God is in it ... they no longer allow any form of prayer, they no longer let the kids have certain parties because they might offend someone.., mercy me get a grip people a party to kids at school is just that, a party a fun day at school... stop trying to impose adult thinking on kids, its ridiculous! Its sad...

You guys better yell and yell loud if you want to stop it before it happens there!!

As Melodie posted there is a movement here, but had some of this been stopped before it all happened rather than after it would have been easier I fear...

I wish there was spell check on these post, I need it! :O)