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February 11, 2010

Why Did I Quit Flying?

The question that some readers were asking is a good one! When we made the decision to retire early and move to Whitecourt, the die was cast. After 2 years living in town, we made the decision to purchase an acreage. This meant that all the equity that we had in the previous house was applied to the purchase. We were still tight on cash, so sold a bunch of stuff to make it happen with a very small mortgage. Once the decision was made to get the horses there was a shortage of both time and cash that said flying had to take a backseat. The above plane is a 1933 Pietenpol that I scratch built from a copy of the original plans. It was my intent to complete it, retire, and fly around the country side. The reason for building the plane was to reduce the exhorbitant cost of flying, by eliminating the major capital involved in buying a plane, and the fact that as a builder, I could do my own maintenance. The picture is about 10 years old when I was 65 pounds heavier, and the plane was a work in progress for 10 years. It was a tough decision to sell it as it basically only needed a bit of engine work and the covering. It has since sold again.
The main reasons for selling were the Acreage, the high cost of flying, and a shift in interests to life on the acreage. Some of the best people that I have met over the years were pilots. Do I regret giving it up? You betcha I do. However, for every season there is time to move on.

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