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February 1, 2010

Are North America's Priorities Right?

I was watching both the CBC and CTV news today and both were carrying stories on the latest epidemic in North America, namely Obesity. Doctors were interviewed about this and were quite concerned with the trend. It is getting worse, according to them. Heart attacks are moving to the younger generation as is other types of disease such as diabetes. I saw a program a few weeks ago where the gist of the story was that the generation now in school, public and secondary, is likely going to live substantialy shorter than their parents. Apparently, the genetic factor where, if you had grandparents and parents with a long lifespan, then you could expect to live a long time also, is now being over ridden by the above concerns.

The other issues tying into this are the time spent in front of the TV and now blackberries and the like, the lack of exercise and generally a sedentary lifestyle. Obviously, not every one can, or should live on an acreage where there is little time for inactivity, but there must  be a way to reverse this. What it is, I do not know.

Go to the flip side of the world where millions die each year due to starvation, and you have to agree that something is wrong in North America.

Is our culture so stressed, so self-centered that obesity and diabetes and the results, are in effect, the results?
Do parents come home so tired that they cannot spend time in the outdoors getting exercise?

I sure would appreciate your input on this question, as it is beyond this ones mind capacity to comprehend.
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