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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

December 4, 2009

One of Those Days....

Today is one of those days... Some good, some bad. The chickens are bundled up in the hen house and won't come out. They don't like snow! They have settled down and are now producing 8 eggs a day (from 10 hens), so that is good. The bad side is that we are starting into the first blizzard of the year. That is bad! The forecast is for 15 to 20 cm of snow, winds up to 60 km per hour and due to continue for the next 48 hours. For all you folks that are not on the metric system (yet) that translates to a whole bunch of snow and very deep drifts.

The tractor is down (again), but I have a 6X6 12 foot timber that I use as a drag plow behind the 4 wheel drive truck. Several passes and the 400 foot driveway will be cleared. Until it stops snowing, why bother? The County will not get to the road plowing until the snow stops. Isolated, but warm! A good day to catch up on some reading, clean the fish tank, clean the garage, or have several power naps. Maybe in reverse order!

It's not so bad. I can still see across the field, sort of. I haven't checked yet, but Murphy says the stock water tank will be low and will need to be filled. 100 foot hose that must be drained well, and quickly afterwards.

All in all, life is still good on the Acreage! Wouldn't trade it for anything!
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