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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

November 11, 2009

You Are Unique! How Unique, you say.

We had an interesting sermon the other day. Contemplate your finger print. You have ten of them, all individually different from each other. So what, you say. Consider that there are approximately 6 billion people in the world. Each of them has no finger print the same as yours. That makes 60, 000,000,000 individually different finger prints in the world. You are Unique!

Let`s go one step farther now. Look in the mirror. Your iris is totally unique from any other iris in the world. Furthermore, it is different from every other eye in the world of all the people that are alive, OR have ever lived! You are truly unique.

Now we can sit and contemplate a finger print or an iris and wonder, or we can sit and thank God that He has not only made us in His image, but has made each of us different from each other.

On an acreage there is lots of time, particularly in the mornings after the critters have been fed, to sit and look around at the wonders of the world and contemplate on the reason that we exist. Yes, even at -40C ( or -40F). In this day and age, with all the pressures of living in a damaged and dangerous world, it is worthwhile to sit back, meditate and be thankful.
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