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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

November 1, 2009

KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)

I got burn on the internet again! It seems that when things go wrong on an acreage, it appears the tendency is to think the worst or complicate issues. For example: my truck would come out of 4X4 with great difficulty. So.. I jumped on the internet, paid a guy to diagnose it as a starting point. THEN and only then did I stop, sit down and think it through. Let's look at the fluids. Front differential oil was low and black. Changed out the oil and things improved. Total cost $19 for the oil, $22 for the "Expert" and a negative $120 as I did the labour myself. I am still ahead, but could have saved another $22 if I had analysed it fully.

Last winter.... no water. Conclusion. The pump is shot about $800 to replace. By thinking it through and pouring about 10 gallons of boiling water down the well head, the problem was solved. Who would have guessed the water line would have frozen 10 feet down! It could have cost $1600 to replace it!

"Nuff said! I am learning to think befor acting. It's cheaper!
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